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Ossoff Fact-Checked on Planned Parenthood

A moderator at a GA-06 debate proved Karen Handel’s claim true and Ossoff wrong.

A moderator at a GA-06 debate fact-checked Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff over his claim that his Republican opponent Karen Handel was lying about Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood provides thousands of breast screenings per year. And now Secretary Handel has said that she didn’t lead the effort. So she was either telling the truth then, or she’s telling the truth now,” Ossoff claimed.

Handel laughed as Ossoff made his claim.

The moderator intervened with a fact check, pointing out that “Planned Parenthood, according to the fact-checkers at The Washington Post, does in fact not provide mammograms.”

“So the claim from Secretary Handel that it does not provide mammograms was rated true,” he said, shooting down Ossoff’s accusation.