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Ossoff’s Failed Campaign Manager Heralded as Democratic ‘Rising Star’

Keenan Pontoni has never won a federal race and squandered $23.6 million on Ossoff’s losing effort in Georgia…

Losing Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign manager Keenan Pontoni got the D.C. profile treatment Friday with a Roll Call story that heralded the staffer as a “rising star” in the Democratic Party.

Ossoff’s campaign raised $23.6 million in what became the most expensive House race in U.S. history. For all that work, Ossoff’s campaign received fewer votes than the Democrat who ran for the seat in 2016 and spent zero dollars:

But that didn’t stop the likes of Roll Call from publishing a glowing story about a man whose record of accomplishments includes a county commissioner’s race and a state House race, both in his home state of Michigan.

The Georgia Sixth Congressional District race was Pontoni’s second federal effort, and he’s now 0 for 2. He managed Democrat Gretchen Driskill’s failed challenge to Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) in the fall.

Despite this paltry resume and a pair of notable losses, Roll Call says Pontoni is in “high demand.”

Last fall, Pontoni managed Democrat Gretchen Driskell’s campaign against Michigan GOP Rep. Tim Walberg. She lost by 15 points. Up until that point, Pontoni wasn’t used to losing. He’d previously managed a successful county commission and state House race in his native Michigan.

But despite back-to-back losses, Pontoni’s now a man in high demand, with a bright future in a party that desperately needs fresh perspectives.

After Democrats’ losses in special elections in Kansas, Montana, South Carolina, and Georgia, placing a bet on a campaign manager who has never won a federal race could be a gamble for the party.