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Paul Ryan Agrees With Trump: 2018 Will Be “Bloodbath” if Obamacare Isn’t Repealed and Replaced

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) agreed, in an interview on Face the Nation Sunday, with President Trump’s assessment of the Obamacare situation facing Republicans.

John Dickerson asked Ryan if he agreed with Trump’s prediction that 2018 would be a “bloodbath” if Obamacare repeal and replace failed.

“I do believe that if we don’t keep our word to the people who sent us here, yeah,” Ryan said.

“The most important thing for a person like myself who runs for office and tells the people we’re asking to hire us, this is what I’ll do if I get elected. And then if you don’t do that, you’re breaking your word,” he continued.

The House GOP unveiled the Trump-endorsed repeal and replace plan, but found opposition from both conservatives and liberals on Capitol Hill. The health care legislation will be the first major test of the newly united Republican government.