Paul Ryan: ObamaCare is in the Middle of a Collapse

By NTK Staff | 02.07.2017 @1:01pm

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) promised on Tuesday that ObamaCare would be repealed this year because the law is collapsing.

"The legislating is going to be done this year. We are going to be done legislating with respect to health care and ObamaCare this year," Ryan informed reporters. "The question is how long does it take to implement the full replacement of Obamacare?"

"The law is in the middle of a collapse, and it's our duty and our obligation to replace it with something better," Ryan said of ObamaCare.

Ryan also addressed Republican alternatives to ObamaCare.

"Take a look at our plan for refundable tax credits so people can get affordable health care insurances. Take a look at our plan for more insurance competition so that we can actually have competition in the marketplace so that we can get prices down," he said.

Promises the law to be repealed and replaced this year.

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