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Pelosi Dodges on Obama Admin’s Failure to Free North Korean Hostage

The House Minority Leader suggested that the release of Americans held in North Korea has more to do with timing than anything else.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dodged on whether the Obama administration should have done more to get Otto Warmbier, an American being held captive by North Korea, out of the country during an interview on Thursday.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Pelosi about criticism Warmbier’s father, Fred Warmbier, leveled against the Obama administration during a press conference earlier in the day.

“There’s certainly a suggestion that the previous administration did not do enough to try and get him out. Have we failed in our ability? Should we be paying ransom? Should we be doing more to try and get these people out when they’re imprisoned?” Mitchell asked Pelosi.

“The decision by a government to release a prisoner is something about their own timing,” Pelosi told Mitchell suggesting that even if the Obama administration wanted to get Warmbier out of North Korea, there was nothing they could do.