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Pelosi Falsely Claims that Paris Accords Have “Plenty of Accountability”

Statements from former Secretary of State John Kerry tell a different story.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed that there is “plenty of accountability” inside the structure of the Paris climate accords in an appearance on The View on Monday.

View co-host Jedidiah Bila asked Pelosi why the United States should “be giving money to countries to, say, lower your greenhouse gas emissions” without any accountability mechanisms.

“Through this deal, there is plenty of accountability,” Pelosi said in response.

Pelosi then accused President Trump of pulling out of the climate deal based on “a memo that is totally false.”

But former Secretary of State John Kerry sang a different tune in an interview with NPR last week. Kerry, while praising the deal, pointed out that the Paris accords are “a standard which each country sets for itself.”

As an example, he said, “[n]o other country placed the burden on the United States or holds us accountable.”