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Pelosi Feud with Dem Congressman Spills Out into the Public

Seth Moulton wants new Democratic leadership, but Nancy Pelosi isn’t going anywhere…

Seth Moulton

As Democrats continue to wrestle with their 2016 losses and finding a new direction forward, one pattern that has developed is sharp barbs aimed at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the House Democrats for the past decade and a half.

Chief among Pelosi’s detractors has been Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA), who just this week criticized Democrats, including Pelosi, for being “really out of touch with most of America.”

“And when you have a party leadership that is out of touch with the rest of the country, then that’s a real problem for the entire party,” Moulton told NPR.

But Pelosi isn’t taking that criticism lying down. Someone in her inner circle leaked a three-page letter, penned by Moulton, to the Boston Globe in which the young Massachusetts congressman lavished praise on Pelosi and thanked her profusely for helping his career:

For the plum House Armed Services Committee assignment she’d given him (“people at home are thrilled,” he enthused). For the chance to sell the Iran nuclear deal on TV (“the opportunity you gave me to exercise that on a national stage did not go unnoticed,” he wrote). Even for the intern she’d helped secure (“I don’t know where we’d be without Dennis — he’s extraordinary!” Moulton exclaimed).

“The bottom line is that I’m proud to be in public service, but I wouldn’t be able to do the job as well without your help,” he concluded, laying the groundwork for a pitch to win a coveted spot on the House Transportation Committee as well.

Moulton sent the letter when he thought there was a chance Democrats might retake the majority in the House. When that didn’t happen, Moulton’s tone shifted, the Globe noted.

The letter lays bare just how brazenly opportunistic Moulton can be, but he remained defiant when questioned by the Globe.

“Never once do I thank her for her leadership,” Moulton reportedly said. “If Pelosi was looking for praise of her leadership in that letter, it wasn’t there.”