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Pelosi Fires Back At Ryan: ‘Pathetic’

Finally breaking her silence, Nancy Pelosi is attacking Tim Ryan’s call for new leadership

Nancy Pelosi Tim Ryan

After weeks of silence, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is finally firing back at her would-be successor, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), for saying she can no longer successfully lead House Democrats in winning back white working-class voters.

Calling Tim Ryan’s claims “almost pathetic,” Pelosi boasted to the Huffington Post of her strong support from “our friends in the unions, including steelworks, which I guess are his area.”

Pelosi also took a shot at Ryan’s ability to deliver his district for the Democratic presidential nominee: “He didn’t even carry his district for Hillary Clinton,” Pelosi said with a laugh, “so I don’t know why he’s saying that.”

But in some ways, Pelosi is making Ryan’s point for him. Clinton’s abysmal effort among working-class voters—an issue he blames on Democrats becoming a coastal party rather than a national one—is partly why she fell short on Election Day. Democrats have lost 68 House seats since 2010.