Pelosi: President Trump Assured Me He Would Sign the DREAM Act

By NTK Staff | 09.07.2017 @11:40am

The House Minority Leader seemed open to including border enforcement funding in that legislation but not funding for the wall.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters that President Trump assured her during their meeting on Wednesday that he would sign the DREAM Act if passed by Congress, on Thursday.

A reporter asked Pelosi if she was simply optimistic that President Trump would sign the DREAM Act or was she given a direct indication from President Trump that he would do that.

“The latter,” Pelosi responded. The reporter asked Pelosi if she would say that more proactively.

“The President, both yesterday in the meeting and today, made it very clear that he wants Congress to act together to get this done,” Pelosi elaborated. “I think we all came to a good place. Congress should act, we should remove all doubt, there should be statutory protection for the DREAMers.”

Another reporter followed up by asking Pelosi if this would be a stand-alone bill or would Trump want something included to deal with border enforcement.

“I think he will probably want some border enforcement, and we have a responsibility to secure our border,” Pelosi responded.

Pelosi’s response suggests that Democrats are open to the possibility of adding border enforcement funding to DREAM Act legislation.

But, Pelosi said this border enforcement funding would not include funding for the wall.

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