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Pelosi Tells the Base ‘Resist,’ Tells the NYT She Can Be ‘Helpful’ to Trump

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appears caught between mainstream Democrats who want to work with President Trump, and a progressive base that will accept nothing short of complete resistance.

Nancy Pelosi Leadership Elections

Nancy Pelosi has a problem. She is telling her base one thing – ‘resist’ President Trump and the GOP – and The New York Times another.

In an interview with the Times this week, Pelosi said, “without [prompt],” that she can “be helpful” to President Trump (emphases ours):

I could be helpful to him,” Ms. Pelosi offered without prompting during an interview last week in her office at the Capitol, saying that she knew how to address some Republicans’ concerns over the Affordable Care Act and would gladly help if they stopped pushing for a full repeal. “We’re not here to obstruct him.”

Pelosi is either lying or changing a months-long view of President Trump, though. Here are just a few of the things she has said about Trump and Republicans in the last 100 days:

Is Pelosi part of the resistance, or does she want to “be helpful” to the president? It seems she can’t decide.