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Pelosi Wins – What’s Next For The 63 Who Voted Against Her?

Only 12 members publicly backed her challenger, but will Pelosi operate differently knowing 63 wanted her gone?

Pelosi Wins Minority Leader

This afternoon, Nancy Pelosi handily won reelection among her Democratic colleagues to serve as minority leader. Still, the vote total, 134-63, was the slimmest margin she’s ever received.

Despite that, the 76-year-old Californian said she was “exhilarated” by the “strong vote” she received from her colleagues. Pelosi described her win as “beyond politics” and, even more dramatically, about “the character of America.”

And while Pelosi’s win came with a healthy margin, 63 Democrats voted for Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), who graciously asked for the vote to be declared unanimous after the tally clearly showed he fell short of the support he needed. The degree to which those 63 are happy to accept the results varied greatly.

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) said she was “deeply disappointed” in a statement, adding: “This should be a time of critical reflection and clear-eyed change, not a time to rubber stamp the failed strategy of the past.”

More from Twitter:

Only 12 Democratic caucus members publicly backed Ryan. That leaves 51 votes as mysteries, even to Pelosi, thanks to the secret ballot. Congressional Black Caucus members made their unhappiness with Pelosi known, but the question remains: will this “narrowest margin in decades” for minority leader change how she operates?

That, too, is a mystery for now.