Pence at Annapolis: The Era of Military Budget Cuts is Over

By NTK Staff | 05.26.2017 @12:32pm

Vice President Mike Pence promised Naval Academy graduates that President Trump would always have their backs.

Vice President Mike Pence, speaking at the Naval Academy graduation on Friday, told the new officers that “the era of budget cuts of the armed forces of the United States is over.”

“Earlier this month, President Trump signed a $21 billion increase in spending for our armed forces, the largest investment in military readiness in nearly a decade. Earlier this week in his very first budget, your commander-in-chief laid out one of the largest increases in defense spending since the days of President Ronald Reagan,” Pence said.

The Vice President said to the graduates that Trump “will always have your back.”

“The best way to ensure peace is for our adversaries and our enemies to know that America is prepared to lead and fight and win any contest, any struggle, anywhere on behalf of freedom,” he said.

Pence touted “eight new battle force ships” to reinforce the Navy and promised that the Trump administration would rebuild the “arsenal of democracy,” referencing the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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