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Pence: Russia, China Developing Capability to Shoot Down U.S. Satellites

If hostile powers shot down American satellites, it could severely hamper U.S. military capabilities.

Vice President Mike Pence warned at a meeting of the National Space Council on Thursday that Russia and China are developing anti-satellite capabilities to knock U.S. communications infrastructure out of the sky.

“According to the U.S. intelligence community, Russia and China are pursuing a full range of anti-satellite technology to reduce U.S. military effectiveness, and they’re increasingly considering attacks against satellite systems as part of their future warfare doctrine,” Pence said.

The vice president promised that President Trump would not allow the United States to be outflanked in the skies.

“We have resolved with the leadership of Donald Trump to never again let America fall behind in the race for space,” he added.

Pence also criticized the Obama administration for neglecting space development and relying on Russia to send American astronauts into space at a cost of $76 million per head.