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Pennsylvania Small Business to Sen. Casey: Get Tax Reform Done

The president of the Robert M. Sides Family Music Centers called on Pennsylvania representatives and senators to back tax reform.

Bob Casey Pennsylvania

A small-business owner has a simple message for Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA): get comprehensive tax reform done.

Peter K. Sides, who is the president of Robert M. Sides Family Music Centers, wrote an op-ed in “The Daily Item” titled, “Pennsylvania to Washington, Get tax reform done.” In it, Sides stressed tax reform was needed “to help get the U.S. small-business community back to full fighting strength again.”

Robert M. Sides Family Music Centers, with five locations in two states and one hundred employees, have been around for over 80 years.

“For me, being a small-business owner isn’t just about business — it’s about family,” Sides writes.

Sides explains how the present “economic and political landscape” concern him:

“It seems like the federal government is trying to stack the deck against small businesses, and nowhere is this more apparent than the tax code. It is critical that Congress move swiftly to comprehensive tax reform to help get the U.S. small-business community back to full fighting strength again.”

“Congress must significantly cut the corporate tax rate to make sure we can compete and win business, customers and sales,” Sides added.

But it’s not just the corporate tax that needs to be reformed, according to Sides. The complex tax code also needs to be addressed:

“As any small-business owner can tell you, the complexity of the tax code is a major problem. We basically have a choice between hiring expensive CPAs or risk making a mistake that could cost us dearly. After 30 years of special favors, carve outs, and loopholes being added, Congress must also simplify the tax code so that it isn’t such a financial and administrative burden on U.S. small businesses.”

“Meaningful tax reform is critically important, and can’t happen fast enough,” Sides concluded. “I hope our state’s representatives and senators can be counted on to support the current effort in Congress to reform the tax code. It is one of — if not the — most important things they can do to improve the lives of their constituents.”