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Pete Williams: Judge Gorsuch Could Be More Influential Than Judge Antonin Scalia

NBC News’ Pete Williams said that Judge Neil Gorsuch, if confirmed to serve on the Supreme Court, could be more influential as a conservative than Justice Antonin Scalia, ahead of Gorsuch’s second day of hearing.

“One place where he may make a difference: what we think of as Antonin Scalia today, the fully-formed Scalia, was a man of strong opinions, and not necessarily somebody who was a persuader of the court,” Pete Williams told MSNBC’s Brian Williams.

Pete Williams went on to say about Judge Gorsuch, “the other judges who talk about Neil Gorsuch on the Tenth Circuit say he, perhaps, is more of a somebody who can build coalitions. So he could be more influential as a conservative than Scalia was, in terms of attracting votes.