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Peter King Questions Veracity of Comey Memo Report

The New York Representative questioned why Comey did not report the contents of the memo earlier.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) raised doubts on Fox News Wednesday about a New York Times report that a memo from former FBI Director James Comey included a segment where President Trump asked Comey to drop the Russia investigation.

“If Director Comey in any way thought that he was being intimidated or the president was trying to interfere with an investigation, I believe that Director Comey had an obligation to report that,” King said.

King pointed out that acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe had denied that the White House had made any effort to impede the Russia investigation.

The New York Republican, who serves on the House Intelligence Committee, could not recall any time when Comey had referenced any possible interference from the White House.

“If this was as serious as [it] was being made out to be, why has Director Comey been so silent for the past two months?” King asked.