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Philly Democrat Admits to Accepting Bribe From Brady Campaign

Rep. Bob Brady (D-PA) may be in legal jeopardy as a federal investigation gains steam.

The campaign of a powerful Philadelphia Democrat has been accused of bribing a primary opponent to drop out of the race, and now the bribed official is cooperating with federal investigators, according to a report in Roll Call.

Jimmie Moore, a former Municipal Court Judge, told investigators that Rep. Bob Brady’s (D-PA) campaign had paid him $90,000 to drop out of a primary challenge to the Philadelphia Democratic Party boss.

It is not clear yet whether Brady has been directly implicated in the case, but investigators are closing in:

Though it does not explicitly name the congressman, Moore’s plea agreement alleges he drew up a plan with Brady to alter Moore’s campaign filings to conceal the money transfer.

“[Brady] and the defendant agreed and understood that the payment from [Brady’s] campaign … would be disguised,” the document reads, “and the deception would include hiding at least some of [Brady’s] funds as the purchase of a poll analyzing the primary matchup between [them], notwithstanding the fact that [Brady] was already in possession of this same poll.”

Brady has long been considered the king of Philadelphia Democratic politics, and his downfall could change the nature of politics in the city. Philadelphians may eventually end up getting sick of the party, given the constant corruption surrounding Democratic officials in the city.