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Plouffe: A Number Of Things That Will Come Out About Clinton In The Final Days

David Plouffe, the campaign manager for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, was on the ‘Keepin’ It 1600′ podcast, which is hosted by former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau.

“What would you say she [Hillary Clinton] needs to do over the next couple weeks, not just in the debates but on the trail? Is there anything you would do differently?” Favreau asked Plouffe. “How does she break through? What would you be doing if you were running the show right now?”

“The key thing is she’s got to focus on … turning out tough-to-turn-out voters,” Plouffe began. “She’s got to go out there and make people as passionate about electing her as they are about defeating [Donald] Trump.”

In closing his answer, however, Plouffe admitted to Favreau, “There’s any number of things that will come out just in the last 72 or 96 hours [of the campaign] that would sink most candidates.”