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Podesta Falsely Claims The Clinton Campaign Didn’t Complain About NBC’s Matt Lauer Publicly

Following the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, appeared on Fox News to discuss the debate.

Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt asked Podesta about debate moderator Lester Holt’s performance, which some are saying was unfair towards Trump.

“They really didn’t talk about the email issue too much, and Lester Holt didn’t ask her questions about the Clinton Foundation and about Benghazi,” Earhardt pointed out to Podesta.

“We have a kind of rule in our campaign: when you’re complaining about the moderator, you are losing. So, even like when Matt Lauer did the Commander-in-Chief interview, and we felt internally that was unfair, we never said anything about it,” Podesta told Earhardt.

Podesta’s claim that the Clinton campaign did not complain about Lauer’s performance during the forum on September 7th is patently false.

The Clinton campaign sent out multiple fundraising emails blasting Lauer for not fact-checking Donald Trump and Clinton staffers tweeted complaints during the forum.

Earhardt pointed these facts out to Podesta, but instead of retracting his remarks, Podesta doubled downed saying, “We just don’t complain about the moderator.”