Police Officer Goes RAMBO on Terrorists – Kills Four by Herself

By NTK Staff | 08.18.2017 @4:06pm
Police Officer Goes RAMBO on Terrorists – Kills Four by Herself

The cop single-handedly stopped a terror attack and saved her partner.

A single police officer took down four out of five terrorists as they attempted to launch an attack in Cambrils, Spain on Thursday night, just after a terrorist killed several people in Barcelona.

According to The Telegraph, the police officer was performing “a routine check” as terrorists suddenly attacked (video of incident in Telegraph article):

The officers were carrying out a routine check at a roundabout near the seafront of Cambrils when the terrorists launched their attack, which, it was confirmed today, killed one woman.

Their white Audi A3, coming from the direction of the city, ploughed through four pedestrians before smashing into the police car and overturning. The crash left one officer with a broken tibia and an injured head.

According to a report in the La Vanguardia newspaper, the five men got out of the overturned vehicle, armed with knives and axes, and wearing false explosives.

That’s when the police officer sprang into action, shooting and killing four out of the five terrorists, and per The Telegraph, another officer killed the final terrorist after he fled.

Rumors and “unverified reports” indicated that the police officer was a woman.

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