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PolitiFact Editor Rates Hillary Clinton’s Claims About Sending Classified Information As False

PolitiFact editor Angie Holan appeared on CNN to rate claims that the 2016 presidential candidates have made.

PolitiFact rates Hillary Clinton’s claim that she has never sent or received classified information as false.

“We rated this one false. There was classified information in her e-mail, some of it was marked. Now the Clinton team will argue that it wasn’t marked properly with headers, and that is fine. But there was classified information in the e-mail, and Comey’s report said she should have realized this,” Holan says of Clinton’s claim about sending classified information.

As for Clinton’s claim that FBI Director Comey called her comments about her emails ‘truthful’, Holan gave this PolitiFact’s highest rating for untruthfulness (‘Pants on Fire’), saying: “Comey was very careful to steer away from any kind of endorsement like that. In fact, he said her actions were careless. So, this one, not true. We rated it Pants on Fire.”