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PolitiFact Rates Hillary Clinton’s Syria Claim As “Mostly False”

During the second presidential debate, Hillary Clinton claimed that she was gone when President Obama drew his red line regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton during the debate for being secretary of state when Obama drew his now-infamous line in the sand on Syria. “No I wasn’t. I was gone,” Clinton interjected.

“We rated her statement mostly false. She has a technical point, that she was no longer part of the administration when the White House determined Assad had crossed the red line and used chemical weapons,” PolitiFact’s Katie Sanders told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle on Monday. “But she actually did meet with White House officials and she endorsed the policy, so she’s really spinning the facts here.”

Read PolitiFact’s entire ruling below:

Clinton said, “I was gone” when there was a red line against Syria.

Clinton was secretary of state in August 2012 when Obama said if the Assad regime were to use chemical weapons, that would cross a “red line” after which Obama would consider using military force in Syria. In the months following that statement, Clinton reiterated Obama’s position, using the phrase “red line.”

A year later, August 2013, the White House confirmed Syria had crossed this “red line.” By this point, Clinton had left the State Department months earlier. However, in the days following that revelation, Clinton met with Obama and his staff several times and publicly endorsed the White House’s position on how to respond.

The claim has an element of truth, but leaves out critical information that would give a different impression. We rate her claim Mostly False.