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POLL: Donald Trump More Popular Than Anti-Trump Labour Leader in Britain

New poll devastating for a man who once called for Trump to be disinvited from visiting Great Britain.

Jeremy Corbyn

How unpopular is Jeremy Corbyn, the head of the opposition Labour Party, in Great Britain? According to a new poll reported by Business Insider, 18 percent of the public in Great Britain approves of the job President Trump is doing while only 17 percent approve of Jeremy Corbyn.

Back in January, Corbyn made headlines by calling on Prime Minister Theresa May to withdraw a state invitation for President Trump to visit the country. The prime minister easily disposed of Corbyn then, and the British public today would be more welcoming of a visit by Trump than the head of one of their own major political parties. Check out the key excerpt below:

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is as unpopular with the British public as US President Donald Trump, according to a new opinion poll. Just 17% of British people approve of the job Corbyn is doing as leader of the opposition, according to the survey by GfK, while 58% disapproved. These numbers were pretty much identical to Trump’s ratings, with 18% of Brits saying they approved of the job he’s doing as President, and 60% disapproving. Here’s a breakdown of those results.