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Possible DNC Chair In 2007: 9/11 Attacks Like Reichstag Fire, Bush Like Hitler

An explosive video from 2007 could come back to haunt DNC chairman candidate…

Ellison 9-11 Comments

A newly circulated video from 2007 could complicate Rep. Keith Ellison’s (D-MN) candidacy for DNC chairman.

In the video, Ellison compares then-President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler by implying that the events of September 11 were orchestrated by Bush. The explosive allegation made some news nine years ago, but is viewed in a new light today as Ellison seeks the DNC chairmanship.

“It’s almost like the Reichstag fire, kind of reminds me of that,” Ellison says of 9/11. “After the Reichstag was burned, they blamed the Communists for it, and it put the leader [Hitler] of that country in a position where he could basically have authority to do whatever he wanted.”

At one point, an audience member appears to say, “The Jews benefited from 9/11,” to which Ellison replied, “Well, I mean, you know, you and I both know.”

The Telegraph provides some background:

Addressing a gathering of atheists in his home state of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, a Democrat, compared the 9/11 atrocities to the destruction of the Reichstag, the German parliament, in 1933. This was probably burned down by the Nazis in order to justify Hitler’s later seizure of emergency powers.

Absurd conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 found a home among the political fringe in the 2000s, but claiming that the attacks were an “inside job” as Ellison does in this video goes further than any Democrat who’s previously led the DNC.

Ellison is running against former Vermont Governor and DNC Chairman Howard Dean, who in 2003 called such a theory “interesting,’’ but added he “obviously doesn’t believe it’s true.”