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Pres. Obama: I’ll Publicly Support Obamacare Repeal if GOP Plan is Better

“I am saying to every Republican right now: if you, in fact, can put a plan together that is demonstrably better than what Obamacare is doing, I will publicly support repealing Obamacare and replacing it with your plan,” President Obama told Vox’s Ezra Klein and Sarah Kliff on Friday morning.

However, the president qualified his statement, saying: “But I want to see [the GOP plan] first.” The president added: “And I want third-party, objective people – whether it’s the Congressional Budget Office or health care experts across the ideological spectrum or Vox or whoever – to just evaluate it.”

The president also denied that his opposition to repeal of the Affordable Care Act arose out of a desire to preserve his legacy. “This idea that somehow, ‘this is about Obama preserving his legacy.’ Keep in mind, I’m not the one who named it Obamacare,” the president said, referencing the name congressional Republicans assigned the act in 2009.