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President Obama Will Not Assist Democrats in Obamacare Fight

President Barack Obama will not assist congressional Democrats fighting to defend his signature health care law after he leaves office, said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on Wednesday.

“[President Obama] is going to take a vacation. And he expects to be in a position that he can observe and follow the tradition that previous presidents have shown,” Earnest said of the President’s post-election plan. Past presidents have remained relatively quiet on issues facing subsequent administrations.

The President’s expected withdrawal from the political conversation stems from his belief that he’s been on the political stage for too long, according to Earnest. “It’s time for some fresh blood. It’s time for the next generation of Democrats and even some Republicans who share his values to speak up and speak out,” Earnest said.

Earnest said that the objective of the president’s meeting was to tell congressional Democrats that they “need to place a priority on telling the story of people who benefitted from the law.” Skyrocketing health care premiums under the law may make it difficult for some vulnerable Democrats to follow the president’s advice.