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President Trump Asked for the Financiers Behind the Tax Marches. Here They Are.

Spoiler alert: far-left megadonor George Soros has backed organizations supporting and funding the Tax March.

President Trump tweeted Sunday morning that “someone should look into who paid for” the Saturday Tax Marches that demanded the release of Trump’s tax returns.

The Tax March displayed their list of supporters prominently on their website, as well as reading out their most prominent at the DC March on Saturday.

Here are the notable donors to which they gave “a big progressive round of applause” on Saturday:

  1. MoveOn.org: Liberal mega-donor Goerge Soros has been backing this left wing website for years, even going back into the Bush years.
  2. The Working Families Organization: Working Families is a far-left political party that advocates a “redistributionist” platform and describes themselves as the “crazy left,” according to The Atlantic.
  3. The American Federation of Teachers: Politico reported in 2015 that the teachers union had partnered with Soros’ donor network, Democracy Alliance.
  4. Indivisible: NTK acquired exclusive video of Indivisible’s co-chairs asking around for money at a Soros-sponsored left-wing donor summit.
  5. Our Revolution: Bernie Sanders hypocritically founded this “dark money” political advocacy organization after his defeat in the 2016 Democratic primary.

Anti-Trump protesters have repeatedly claimed the mantle of “grassroots activism,” but as their sponsors showed, they have just served as pawns of big money Democratic interests.