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President Trump Emphasizes Pro-Business Agenda in Weekly Address

In his weekly address to the country Friday, President Donald Trump highlighted his work to support American businesses and workers and strengthen the United States’ relations with its allies.

Trump mentioned his signing of House Resolution 38, which repealed anti-coal regulations. “Our coal miners have been treated horribly, and we are going to turn that around – and we are going to turn it around quickly,” Trump said.

Trump also discussed the elimination of certain business regulations in Dodd-Frank, saying their eradication would save companies “millions and millions of dollars.”

During his meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the President also met with women business leaders. “I campaigned on helping women in the workforce, and we are going to deliver on that promise,” he said.

Over the past week, Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in addition to Trudeau. He emphasized the importance of the United States’ relationships with its allies and reaffirmed commitments to Israel.