President Trump: General Flynn Was Treated Badly by the Fake Media

By NTK Staff | 02.15.2017 @1:08pm

Trump: The media treated General Flynn very unfairly

President Trump told reporters during a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he thought former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was treated very unfairly by the “fake media.”

A reporter asked President Trump if reports about General Flynn and other Trump campaign staffers communicating with Russian intelligence would prevent Israel and the U.S. from working together on issues like the Iran nuclear deal.

Flynn was forced to resign from his position as National Security Advisor on Monday for communicating with senior Russian officials and not providing accurate information about these communications to Vice President Mike Pence.

“Michael Flynn, General Flynn, is a wonderful man. I think he’s been treated very, very unfairly by the media, as I call it the fake media in many cases,” President Trump told the reporter.

Trump went on to attack those people who leaked the documents concerning General Flynn telling reporters, “it’s criminal action, a criminal act, and it’s been going on for a long time, before me.”

“People are trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the Democrats had under Hillary Clinton,” Trump went on to tell the reporter.

Trump, concluded by saying, “I think it’s very, very unfair what’s happened to General Flynn, the way he was treated and the documents and papers that were illegally – I stress that – illegally leaked. Very, very unfair.”

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