President Trump Greets Thousands of Supporters, While Anti-Trump Protests Flounder

By NTK Staff | 02.20.2017 @5:14pm
President Trump Greets Thousands of Supporters, While Anti-Trump Protests Flounder

President Trump drew thousands to a rally in Florida over the weekend, but only about a dozen people showed up to two anti-Trump protests on President's Day.

President Trump took the opportunity Saturday to hold a rally in Florida, drawing thousands of supporters to an airport hanger at Orlando Melbourne International Airport. Two Presidents’ Day protests against the new administration, meanwhile, struggled to find support.

Two protests against President Trump in D.C. on Presidents’ Day, one in Lafayette Park and the other outside the Supreme Court, drew only about a dozen people in total, a far cry from leftist protests after the inauguration. These Presidents’ Day protests paled in comparison to the 9,000 supporters at Trump’s hastily-announced rally.

According to The Hill, “tens of thousands” were expected to rally against the new President on Presidents’ Day. But if those two protests were any indication, nationwide demonstrations would be lucky to hit 1,000 protesters.

At a “Dump Trump” rally in Lafayette Square across from the White House, around 10 protesters hung out in the park, chanting the usual anti-Trump mantras. Michael Moore put this event on his official “Resistance Calendar,” a supposed hub of all anti-Trump activity.

Then, the ReVote Coalition held an event outside the Supreme Court, demanding that the Court invalidate the results of the 2016 election. However, the only people present to listen to their manifesto were annoyed tourists looking to see the sights of the nation’s capital on a beautiful President’s Day weekend.

ReVote demands that the result of the 2016 election be declared “unconstitutional,” and that the Supreme Court mandates a special election to replace the Trump administration due to Russian interference.

Leftist protests had dominated the news cycle following Trump’s inauguration, hamstringing the new administration’s agenda. But some liberals worried whether or not “The Resistance” could maintain its passion and mount a successful opposition to the Trump agenda.

The absence of protesters at the two demonstrations could signal a waning interest in liberals’ incessant griping about the results of the presidential election. Meanwhile, the president’s supporters seemed as enthusiastic as ever, ready to cheer the man they put in the White House.

UPDATE:  A larger anti-Trump protest occurred at DuPont Circle in Washington, D.C., according to NBC News.

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