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President Trump Outlines Strategy to Spur Business

President Trump outlined his strategy to put the United States back to work at a meeting of business leaders on Tuesday.

Trump first criticized the U.S. business tax, calling it “the highest in the world.”

“We’ve punished production in America and rewarded companies for leaving our country,” Trump said. “We’re going to reverse that.”

The President reiterated his campaign promise to reexamine the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). “We’re going to have some very pleasant surprises for you on NAFTA, that I can tell you,” he said.

Trump then discussed what his administration had already done to spur business growth, particularly his elimination of unncessary regulations.

“We’re going to be very, very careful on the enviornment,” Trump said. “But we’ve allowed a lot of companies to go back to work. They were being restricted; their jobs were being restricted.”

Echoing his effort to boost women in business, Trump also identified “the potential of women in the workforce” as an untapped vein of economic expansion.