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President Trump Promises To Rebuild The United States Military With Boeing’s Help

President Donald Trump promised to rebuild the United States military with the help of Boeing during remarks at a Boeing plant in Charleston, South Carolina.

“We are looking seriously at a big order,” Trump told the audience regarding Boeing’s F-18 Super Hornet. “You know, the problem is [Boeing CEO] Dennis [Muilenburg] is a very, very tough negotiator. But I think we may get there.”

In December Trump threatened to cancel the order for a new Air Force One with Boeing over cost, causing the companies stock to dip.

Some expect Trump’s suggestions of a “big order” from the United States government may result in an uptick in Boeing’s stock.

“As George Washington said, being prepared for war is the best way to prevent it, and that’s really what it is, the best way to prevent war, being prepared. Peace through strength,” Trump said. “We build a military might so great, and we are going to do that, that none will dare to challenge it. None!”

Trump concluded by touting some of the Boeing-built aircrafts that are in the United States millitary.