Private School-Educated Congressional Candidate Says “There’s No Substitute For Public Education”

By NTK Staff | 03.21.2017 @5:54pm

Despite waxing poetic about public education, this Georgia House candidate never attended an American public school, according to his website...

On Sunday, Jon Ossoff a Democratic candidate running in the special election to represent Georgia’s 6th congressional district told constituents during a campaign event that, “there is no substitute for public education.”

In fact, the only public education he ever received, according to his website, was while getting his master’s degree in London.

Ossoff attended the Paideia School, a private high school in Atlanta, GA, The tuition for Paideia School during the 2004-2005 school year was $14,355 for grades 9-11 and $14,505 for grade 12.

From there, Ossoff went on to attended Georgetown University which CNN ranked in 2009 as the second most expensive college in America, costing an estimated $52,161 a year. Ossoff was a senior at Georgetown in 2009.

Then he went on to London, England where Ossoff received his first taste of public education at 23 years of age. Per his website, Ossoff never attended an American public school.

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