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Protesters Harass, Physically Block DeVos from Entering Public School

A small group of protesters blocked the Secretary of Education from entering a DC public school, before harassing her as she tried to go to another door.

Protesters prevented Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from entering a DC school Friday, shouting at her, in a video from ABC 7 News.

As DeVos attempted to walk up the steps, two protesters stood in her way, eventually forcing DeVos to seek a different entrance.

One protester repeatedly chanted “shame” at DeVos as she entered her vehicle. When the vehicle pulled away, the protester stood in its way, holding up a Black Lives Matter sign.

DeVos entered the school at another entrance.

Some commentators pointed out the hypocrisy of liberals criticizing DeVos for not visiting public schools and then attempting to stop her when she did visit the school.