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Pruitt’s Hometown Editorial Board Blasts His Critics

A group of Democrats and former EPA employees are doing everything they can to attack EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Scott Pruitt

The editorial board of Tulsa World, the hometown paper of EPA chief Scott Pruitt, took time to defend its native son against attacks that he returns to Oklahoma too often.

Democrats concealing themselves as the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) filed Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain Pruitt’s travel schedule. Upon discovering that the EPA director returns to his home state some weekends, EIP ran to the press with their findings.

On Sunday, Tulsa World shot back.

The Washington press corps and the environmental lobby might prefer that the EPA boss be held captive on the East Coast and that he hear nothing but the opinions of “green” lobbyists, but the people out in fly-over country like it when we’re being heard, too.

It’s apparent to us, and we suspect to Pruitt, that environmental extremists are determined to find anything they can use against him, including this not-so-damning evidence that he hasn’t abandoned his family.

The editorial board rightly noted of EPI’s efforts, “As outrages go, it’s not worth much.”