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QUICK TAKE: When The Bern Fades: Sanders No Longer Drawing Massive Crowds

The Vermont Socialist was once a huge draw, particularly for young people, but a recent campaign swing through Ohio was not well attended…

When The Bern Fades

Bernie Sanders, who drew 27,500 people to a single 2015 rally in Los Angeles, was only able to muster a few hundred people when campaigning on behalf of former rival Hillary Clinton in Ohio last weekend.

At Kent State University on Saturday, Sanders drew about 1,000 attendees, and only 200 showed up for the Vermont Senator’s rally at the University of Akron.

The Washington Post declared Sanders “the most popular politician in the country” today, but if crowd size is any indicator, that may no longer be true.

In Akron, for example, Sanders was able to draw nearly 2,000 in March, just a day before the primary there. That’s ten times the crowd he got in his Clinton surrogate gig on Saturday.

It may be true that fewer voters are “Feeling the Bern,” but the cause for the drop in attendance isn’t immediately clear.