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QUICK TAKE: Democrat Demands Double Amputee Candidate Take Down Ad Over Disclaimer

The Democrat in FL-18 may be overreaching on this one…

Democrat Demands Double Amputee

Randy Perkins, the Democratic candidate in Florida’s 18th Congressional District, is using his lawyers to attack the latest TV ad from Republican candidate and veteran Brian Mast.

The ad features Mast, a double amputee, introducing himself in front of a war memorial. The part that Perkins takes issue with is a shot of the American flag waving in the wind as the federally-required disclaimer appears at the end of the ad:

As Mast begins saying the disclaimer, an image of a waving American flag is on the screen for nearly two seconds before Mast himself appears. Perkins’ lawyers say that fails to meet the federal requirement that the disclaimer be delivered with “an unobscured, full-screen view” of the candidate making the statement.

Despite the complaints, there are no reports of stations actually pulling the ad yet. Watch it here: