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QUICK TAKE: President-elect Trump’s First Site? GreatAgain.gov.

The transition is now public, with a new Twitter handle and a new website called “GreatAgain.gov.”

Trump & Obama

On Wednesday evening, reporters noticed that a new, verified account for the Trump transition had appeared on Twitter:

Indeed, at 5:44pm @transition2017 sent its first tweet, introducing a new website that features Trump’s campaign slogan:

The site itself – https://www.greatagain.gov/ – features a slick video of Trump with his grandkids, a “Help Wanted” posting for presidential appointees, and an offer to “Share Your Ideas” on how to “make America Great.”

The site also has three policy sections – “Making America Secure Again,” “Getting America Back To Work Again,” and “Government for the People Again” – with subsections.