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QUICK TAKE: Texas Governor Reveals Cause Of Mysterious Burns

The circumstances surrounding Abbott’s burns were largely a mystery until Saturday…

Abbott Reveals Burns

Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed the cause of burns he sustained in July following months of silence on the topic.

On Saturday, Abbot told the San Antonio Express-News that the burns were caused by “scalding hot water” in a shower during a vacation to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

“I was in a shower with scalding water on my feet,” he said. “Because of my paralysis, I couldn’t feel the burns that were taking place. And as a consequence, it was like having my feet in scalding water for several minutes.”

Abbott did not attend the Republican National Convention in July as a result of his injury and did not elaborate on the cause of his burns until now.

Abbott became paralyzed at the age of 26 from an accident that took place while he was jogging.