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#QuickTake: China Implies War if Trump Won’t Commit to “One China” Policy

Media outlets focused on the Global Times’ Trumpian insults to the president-elect, but much more sinister is a hint of war over Taiwan.


On Sunday, the Chinese Communist Party-endorsed Global Times published an editorial on President-elect Donald Trump’s recent engagement with Taiwan.

Much of the media’s coverage focused on the Times’ Trump-like insults; they called the president-elect ignorant, and some translations suggested the Times called Trump a child.

More sinister, though, is a promise from the party-endorsed editorial that China will go to war if Trump opposes the “One China” policy governing U.S.-China relations [emphasis ours]:

If Trump gave up the One China policy, publicly supported Taiwan independence and wantonly sold weapons to Taiwan, China would have no grounds to partner with Washington on international affairs and contain forces hostile to the US. In response to Trump’s provocations, Beijing could offer support, even military assistance to US foes.

This is an incredible provocation from a major newspaper that is, in effect, endorsed by China’s communist government.

Now, the Global Times has a history of provocative editorials – “hawkish, insulting” and “aggressive,” according to Quartz – but taking on a president-elect before he even takes the oath is a whole new level of “aggressive.”