#QUICKTAKE: Democrats’ DeVos Drama is Why They Will Fall Short

By NTK Staff | 02.07.2017 @9:07am
#QUICKTAKE: Democrats’ DeVos Drama is Why They Will Fall Short

Democrats’ attempts at public “shaming” reveals they don’t have the votes…

Democrats held an all-night talk-a-thon to voice their displeasure about President Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education Monday evening into Tuesday morning.

Ultimately, Democrats’ goal was to convince one Republican to join their ranks and oppose Betsy DeVos’ nomination. Their talk-a-thon tactics belie an unsaid truth, however: they don’t have the votes.

Overnight, many of the Senators used their time on the floor to reiterate their concerns about DeVos, while others decided to read letters and emails from constituents.

If finding one more vote is truly their goal, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Democrats would be better served talking to Republicans in private than participating in a Senate floor spectacle designed to shame those Republicans into joining their side.

That’s why when someone like Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) goes on CNN and claims, “We may in fact have an additional Republican colleague voting ‘no,’” on DeVos, it’s likely not just desperate but also untrue.

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