Rancher Who Lives on U.S.-Mexico Border on Trump’s Wall: ‘Let’s Do It’

By NTK Staff | 08.24.2017 @3:56pm

The rancher told MSNBC that even if it only stopped drug traffickers in part, the wall was worth it.

Roberto Escobar, a rancher who lives on the U.S.-Mexico border, told MSNBC that even if President Trump’s wall only partly stopped drug trafficking, it was worth it.

Escobar, a seventh-generation rancher, said that his land near the Rio Grande has “been in [their] family for better than 200 years.”

The rancher tragically lost his only son to drug traffickers, and he worried about the proliferation of the trade.

Even if Trump’s wall only partly hindered the drug trade, “let’s do it,” Escobar said.

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