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Reality Setting in for Democrats: Anti-Trump Is Not Enough

After losses in Kansas, Montana, South Carolina, and Georgia, Democrats may be beginning to realize they need a new strategy.

Chuck Schumer Cabinet Nominees

Despite losses in Kansas and Montana, many Democrats held out hope that a win in a Georgia special election would finally vindicate their many “resistance” efforts and signal a strong anti-Trump wave.

But the defeat of 30-year-old Jon Ossoff, a former congressional staffer who did not live in the district in which he was running, and for the Democrat in South Carolina, has finally pushed some Democrats to begin calling for new leadership and a new strategy moving forward.

In a piece for the Dallas Morning News, reporter Gromer Jeffers laid out Democrats’ challenge, particularly in red-leaning districts in Texas:

Democrats need to consider offering fresh alternatives to Trump. New party leaders must emerge.

At a Dallas rally last month, anti-Trump Democrats promised to take Congress back from Republicans and restore Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as House speaker.

It’s doubtful that returning to the Pelosi era is a big seller in Republican-leaning districts. The lack of new leaders gives Republicans the ability to turn elections from a referendum on Trump to a partisan contest against the likes of Pelosi and other stalwarts unpopular with Republicans and some independents.

The question remains, however, if enough Democrats will come to this realization and enact meaningful changes before the 2018 midterms.