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Rep. Lee Zeldin Expresses Optimism Tax Reform Will Pass This Year

The Republican Congressman thought that President Trump was smart to include red state Democrats in the discussion.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) expressed optimism that tax reform legislation would get passed by the end of the year, arguing it would provide Americans with a much need economic stimulus, during an exclusive interview with NTK Network.

“I’m optimistic that tax reform can get done this year,” Zeldin told NTK. “I’m optimistic for the potential for economic growth in 2018 if tax reform does get done this year.”

Zeldin has a high level of confidence that the Republican House is capable of passing any legislation it needs to help advance President Trump’s agenda.

“The House has shown over the course of 2017, by passing hundreds of bills including health care, and border security and other top priorities, that the House is capable right now of passing just about anything we need to and want to, to get the agenda accomplished,” he said.

As for tax reform getting through the Senate, Zeldin was less optimistic but thought that Trump reaching out to Senate Democrats from red states and giving them an opportunity to be part of tax reform legislation was a smart decision.

“You have a few Democratic senators from states that the President did very well in last November and remains popular in today, and these senators are up for reelection in 2018, and they don’t want to look like they are part of that opposition that has pledged to resist and oppose and obstruct on everything,” he said.

Zeldin expressed optimism about the Trump administration’s ability to learn from mistakes made during the Obamacare repeal fight and argued that knowledge will help in future legislative battles like tax reform.

“I think the President has learned a lot from what has and hasn’t worked and has become a better president because of it,” Zeldinsaid.