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Rep. Sean Duffy Goes Off On The Wells Fargo CEO

During Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf’s testimony before the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) wanted to know the internal classification Wells Fargo used in the scandal involving two million account holders.

Stumpf attempted to dodge the question, but Duffy was having none of it and continued to press, “Was this fraud? Was this an H.R. problem, theft, how do you see this?”

Again Stumpf tried to dodge Duffy’s question by running out the clock.

“Was it theft? did you steal?” Duffy now visibly annoyed asked again.

“Our people did not do what was right,” Stumpf responded.

Duffy’s was not happy with this answer exploding on Stumpf, “That’s not my question did you steal? I want to know if you and I are on the same page. Did Wells Fargo employees steal from a million to two million other customers, yes or no?”

“In some cases they did,” Stumpf finally admitted to Duffy.