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Report: Trump to Boost U.S. Arms Sales

Politico reported Friday that the Trump administration would remove regulations that hinder jobs in the arms manufacturing industry.

President Trump is planning to tear up regulations that kill American jobs in the arms manufacturing industry, according to a new report from Politico:

The U.S. is already the global leader in weapons exports, accounting for more than half the world’s annual arms deals. The new “arms transfer initiative,” being run out of the White House National Security Council, aims to make U.S. companies more competitive when allies are shopping for fighter jets, ground vehicles, warships, missile defenses and other military gear in an intensely competitive market, the officials told POLITICO.

In addition to “easing restrictions,” the federal government would take steps to aid U.S. arms manufacturers in selling their products to foreign entities.

These steps “could also strengthen the defense industrial base and create jobs on production lines that Pentagon investments don’t fully support,” Politico’s Bryan Bender and Tara Palmeri wrote.

Through the first nine months of his presidency, the president has taken steps to expand the global reach of American arms industry. Earlier this year, the Senate approved a potential Trump-negotiated $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia.