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Republican Rep Destroys Democrats Over Their Opposition to ObamaCare Repeal

The House Chamber erupted into applause after Rep. Mast gave a passionate speech in support of repealing Obamacare.

Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) took to the House floor and blasted Democrats for their opposition to the Republican plan to repeal Obamacare and reminded the American people that it was the Democrats that lied to them when Obamacare was implemented.

“I, too, am a person with preexisting conditions, and I believe it’s not just something I should do, it’s a responsibility for me to be the staunchest advocate for people out there that have preexisting conditions, and that is why I am such an ardent supporter of this bill,” Mast told the House Chamber.

Mast, an Army veteran, lost both his legs when he stepped on an improvised explosive device while serving in Afghanistan in 2010.

“Who is it that’s going out there and saying that preexisting conditions won’t be covered?” Mast asked the House Chamber.

“It is the exact same group of people that went out there and lied to the face of every single American, telling them that if they like their plan, they would keep their plan; if they like their doctor, they would keep their doctor; that the average American family was going to save $2,500 or more on health insurance. That was a bold face lie.”

Mast concluded by telling the House chamber that he resented Democrats for telling the American people that preexisting conditions would not be covered under the Republican plan. The chamber applauded Mast’s remarks.