Republicans Received More Votes Than Democrats in GA-06

By NTK Staff | 04.19.2017 @8:29am
Republicans Received More Votes Than Democrats in GA-06

As media focus attention on lead primary vote-getter Jon Ossoff, few point out the simple fact that Republicans outperformed Democrats on Tuesday.

Republican candidates received more votes than Democratic candidates in Tuesday’s special primary election for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

Though media focus their attention on the lead vote-getter, Democrat Jon Ossoff, simple math shows that Republican candidates received nearly 51 percent of the vote, to Democratic candidates’ 49 percent.

The numbers, thanks to tallies kept by Decision Desk HQ:

  • Ossoff and four other Democrats received 93,911 votes, or roughly 49 percent
  • Primary runner-up Karen Handel and 10 other Republicans received 97,997 votes, or roughly 51 percent

Judging by margin of defeat, Democrats (two percent) actually underperformed Hillary Clinton (1.5 percent) in the district on Tuesday night.

Democratic enthusiasm in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District? The party will need to reach further into the well to find enthusiasm for Ossoff if they are to win the runoff in June, though even the liberal media don’t seem too confident.

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