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Richard Haass: President Obama’s Speech At The U.N. Was ‘A Major Disappointment’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough asked Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, what he thought about President Obama’s final address to the United Nations.

“I thought it was a major disappointment. The sporting equivalent would be running out the clock,” Haass told Scarborough.

Scarborough asked Haass if he thought this was one of President Obama’s worst speeches before the United Nations.

“I do,” Haasss responded emphatically “It was really disappointing. I thought it was, at 36,000 feet, generalities. Almost dispirited and defeatist about what we couldn’t accomplish in the world.”

“What you’re seeing from Syria to the questions over TPP is a sense of retreat from American leadership around the world. That concerns obviously about Donald Trump what he would bring to it, but all these things are adding up. In some way, you know, Fareed Zakaria wrote a book about a post-American world and what we’re seeing at the U.N. this week is what a post-American world would look like,” Haass concluded.