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RINO Alert? Breitbart Accuses Trump of “Broken Promise”

Breitbart’s home page called out Trump for a “broken promise” on Tuesday morning, when Trump’s team confirmed he would not seek to “lock” Hillary Clinton up.

Steve Bannon

Donald Trump and Breitbart had a symbiotic relationship during the 2016 election, so much so that its former CEO Steve Bannon is now Trump’s chief strategist and will continue in that role in the White House.

On Tuesday, though, Breitbart showed its first sign of dissent with a Trump administration after aide Kellyanne Conway said Trump would not pursue charges against his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday afternoon, Trump told the New York Times he is not taking an investigation of Clinton off the table, but added he doesn’t want to “hurt the Clintons”:

A screenshot of the Breitbart home page on Tuesday morning claimed Trump broke his promise:

Breitbart: "Broken Promise"

This may be a sign that Breitbart is preparing to hold Donald Trump accountable for some of his more inflammatory promises from a wild campaign. Breitbart has previously battled Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Marco Rubio.